Five New Bike Tours That Should Be On Your Radar

Don’t get us wrong, we could bike through tulip fields and sample creamy Dutch cheese with no complaints (obviously), but sometimes we crave something a bit different.

Picture this: Exploring the Galapagos by bike & boat and getting to see the infamous Blue-Footed Booby or learning about World World II from the perspective of the Dutch pedalling by battlefields and bunkers. Maybe you don’t have to say goodbye to tulips and cheese after all! We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we are allowing those wheels to take us someplace new!

Here are five new tours that should totally be on your radar…

Galapagos Bike and Boat

Guided | Easy | 9 Days

Yes, you read that correctly…a bike and boat tour in the Galapagos Islands! This is one of the most unique experiences we have ever offered. Enjoy hiking, snorkeling, swimming, and of course, biking! Stay aboard the Beluga, your very own luxury yacht, as well as a couple of nights in one-of-a-kind lodges!


  • Overnight in San Cristobal
  • Cycling to El Junco crater lake
  • Flora and fauna of the islands
  • Unique natural landscape
  • Trail walking, swimming, snorkeling amongst the wildlife
  • Wonderful accommodations
  • Expertise and knowledge of certified guides


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